14 reasons why rugby is good for kids

If you have a child soon starting at secondary school, you might feel a bit worried about them beginning to play rugby. To put your mind at ease, here are some of the many benefits of rugby for children:

1. Improve physical health

While it might sound totally obvious, rugby really does bring physical health benefits to anyone who takes to the field – and kids are no different.

2. Developing social skills

Developing social skills is an important part of life and one needs to be developed at a young age if the benefits are to be reaped in the future.

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3. Needing to lose

For reasons of character building, experiencing loss is good practice for life. Not everything will go as planned in life and your child needs to learn how to get over it and move on. 

4. Needing to win

Conversely, children also need to experience victory. It not only feels great but teaches them that there is a reward for the effort.

5. Equal opportunities

Unlike pretty much all other examples of team sports, rugby is all about players having an equal chance to run and pass the ball, as well as pass play defence.

6. Building self-esteem and confidence

Being regularly involved in sport can help increase the self-esteem of your child. This happens because the child sets small goals in the field, such as improving their skills and can easily achieve them. For access to new Rugby Drills, visit https://www.sportplan.net/drills/Rugby/Passing/practiceIndex.jsp 

7. Learn important life skills

Everyone can take lessons learned in sports and apply them in real life. However, rugby has lessons that cannot be found in other games – not just the standard “teamwork” skills but preparation for life that can only be found on the tough and determined conditions of a rugby field.

8. Positive role model

It is very likely your children will find positive role models in the coach, older players and even professional players. 

9. Friends for life

10. Improve academic success

It is hard to believe that what your kids are doing on the field can affect what they do in the classroom, but it shouldn’t be. Children who are involved with at least one sport are more likely to get better grades showed a study conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine.

11. Safety

This might be what concerns you the most and players don’t even wear pads, even though it’s a contact sport. Staying safe though, is a big part of the culture and game of rugby though and you’ll find it’s taken very seriously and mouthguards are required. 

12. Learn respect

If you worry about a society that seems to be lacking in respect, one place you will definitely still find it is during a game of rugby. When a referee calls a decision that is disagreed with, both adult players and children still call him “Sir” and do not talk back.

13. Lowers stress

Playing sports and engaging in physical activity makes our bodies release endorphins, the brain chemicals that provide natural painkilling, improve our mood and also promote better quality sleep, the result of which is a reduction in stress.

14. It could even lead somewhere

Maybe you’ll see your child playing for the national team one day!